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Client Welcome Pack Template

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You’ve Signed The Client… Now What?! It’s time to wow your clients with a beautiful Client Onboarding Pack.

You’ve gone through all the hard work of finding potential clients, pitching your services, and having a discovery call…and they said a big, enthusiastic “YES!” to working with you.

So you’re currently doing your happy dance and celebrating your big win!

But what happens next?

There’s a LOT of information that you want to get over to your new client.

You want to look professional and don’t want to forget any key information – everyone dreads hitting send on an email, only to realise that you missed three things out of it and now need to send a follow-up email, especially when you’ve literally just started working together!

There is a super simple solution to this!

With a client onboarding pack you can…

  • Welcome your client with a personal note.
  • Explain who works on your team + what roles they have.
  • Share important links e.g. their client portal, your project management tool, shared Google Drive folders etc.
  • Detail the best ways to get in touch with you
  • Outline your working hours + task turnaround time.
  • Explain what happens when you go on vacation or need to take sick days.
  • Remind them of the types of tasks you are contracted to do, as well as what other tasks you are able to do.
  • Invite them to your client referral program.
  • Outline the scope of the project (+ reduce scope creep).
  • Give a detailed overview of the project, broken down into phases with deadlines for each phase.
  • Provide a project budget if needed.
  • Tell your client exactly what you need from them to get started e.g. brand guidelines, passwords, access to shared documents etc. AND set a deadline for them to give you this (make sure the project starts on time!!)
  • Answer frequently asked questions (+ reduce the number of emails in your inbox).
  • Provide a summary of your other services just in case they want to work with you on something else OR want to refer someone to you.
  • Curate a list of business tools + resources you love to help your client make decisions (perfect place to include affiliate links too – don’t forget to disclose them though).
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