Online Course

Fully Booked Without Pitching


Discover 5 simple techniques to help clients find you (+ say goodbye to pitching for good!)

Imagine waking up every day knowing that your services are fully booked and that you have a waitlist of people eager to work with you. Now imagine that all of the clients and all of those people on your waitlist FOUND YOU! They slid into your DMs, completed your contact form or just signed up and paid in full immediately, without you making the first move.

Imagine all of the time and stress you could save yourself if you didn’t need to spend hours each day researching potential new clients, carefully crafting pitch emails, checking your pitch tracker and following up with people only to be ignored (I know, it’s painful, right?)

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside Fully Booked Without Pitching:

  • Establishing yourself as the go-to in your industry by serving each of your existing clients really effing well!
  • Letting the world know what you do, without “selling” your services
  • Helping potential clients self-select so that only the super-aligned, dreamy ones reach out to you.
  • Providing potential clients with ALL of the information they need to make an informed decision – let’s make it as easy as possible for them to work with you!
  • Creating a client referral program that is beneficial to both you and your clients
  • Leveraging the connections and impact that your clients have in a way that feels good for everyone (#communityovercompetition)
  • Setting up a minimal-effort wait list that people want to join
  • Maintaining a connection with people on your wait list and converting them into paying clients when the time is right.
  • Working on your money mindset to remove blocks that are currently stopping clients coming to you.
  • Manifesting new clients and trusting that the Universe has your back!