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Organise & Grow Your Biz with a Team

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Got more on your plate than you can handle? Ready to build a team? Running a biz on your own can be overwhelming, but making the wrong choices when hiring can be disastrous!

  • What if you knew the exact steps needed to get your biz ready before you hired?
  • What if you had a step-by-step guide for the hiring process?
  • And how about top tips for delegating tasks + managing your team?

You get access to all this + more in Organise + Grow Your Biz with a Team!

Organise + Grow Your Biz with a Team is so much more than just another course that tells you why you need to have a team. This course will guide you through every part of the process from deciding what roles you need to hire + how to get your biz ready, through to onboarding your new team members + managing them on an ongoing basis. Each lesson comes with action steps to complete because we all know that theory is great but action is better!

What’s included?

  • Learn how to know when you’re ready to hire your first team member (because there is an ideal time to start the process!)
  • Get your biz ready for hiring a team – how to make sure you have everything in place before your start the hiring process.
  • Decide who you need on your team and what skills they should have.
  • Discover how to hire the right person (with a pain-free hiring process)
  • Delegate tasks in an efficient and stress-free way.
  • Action steps at each stage of the process to help you put what you’ve learned into practice
  • PLUS how to make the most of your team once you’re working together.
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