Online Course

Priceless Power Hours


What if there was a way to book more clients into your full coaching packages, get paid for your experience and expertise, build your confidence and get great feedback and testimonials – without having to hustle or use icky sales tactics?

If you’re not getting people signed up to your Discovery Calls and if you aren’t getting people booked on to your 1:1 offers –

Then you need a Priceless Power Hour in your business!

A Priceless Power Hour is a hybrid of a traditional power hour, a discovery call and a sales call.

They work astoundingly well for getting clients booked into your full packages, but even as they are, they are a great way for people to work with you as a taster of your full coaching experience.

What makes them priceless?

They can make such a massive difference to your business, your impact and your income.

If Discovery or Sales calls are part of your client getting strategy and what you’re doing right now isn’t working – you need a fresh approach. This program will leave you with a fully implementable Priceless Power Hour strategy that you’re actually super excited about offering!

You can also pay in GBP: £97