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Ultimate Self Care Kit

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Your overwhelm free guide to creating a self care plan + 50 self care ideas! This free workbook will help you create a self care plan that works, without the overwhelm. It includes:

  • Over 50 different self care ideas list
  • Create a morning and evening routine that works
  • Discover your top 5 most important forms of self care right now

You’ll want to download this FREE guide if you:

  • Feel like you never have time for self care. This workbook won’t take long to complete and you’ll finish with a totally doable self care plan.
  • You struggle to think of Self Care ideas – the guide includes a handy list of 50 self care ideas to get you started.
  • You’re fed up of feeling sick and tired and you need something to change in your life so you’re own needs are prioritised.
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