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Work Less with Workflows

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Discover the simple way to streamline your business, no matter what stage you’re at. Imagine sitting down at your laptop to complete your everyday business tasks + knowing exactly what steps to take, in what order and having everything you need at the end of your fingertips. Or saving hours of time each week (meaning you have more time to serve your clients). Or even being able to hire a new team member + hand over tasks seamlessly with the click of a button because you already have everything mapped out.

Because that’s exactly what happens once you’ve got SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) set up in your business!

What’s included?

  • What SOPs are (duh!)
  • Why your business needs SOPs, no matter what stage you are at
  • How to create SOPs in a fun, easy way that doesn’t just create a lot of additional work for you
  • What format to create your SOPs in so that they suit you and your business
  • How to use your SOPs in practice (because we’re all guilty of creating things and then never using them!)
  • How to use SOPs with your team – whether you have a team already or are planning to have one in the future
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